Software Upgrade

We are excited to announce that we are upgrading Tomoko Discovery with new features! Tomoko Discovery will be offline until July 29, 2023, but we promise it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other products and services. We can't wait to see you soon! Thanks for your continued support.

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Subscription Plans

We Power Blockchain Evidence Collection

  • PRO PLAN / $99.00

    1 Users * Unlimited Cases * Up to 2 Devices * Monthly Subscription * Cancel Anytime

  • PREMIUM PLAN / $199

    3 Users * Unlimited Cases * Up to 2 Devices per user * Monthly Subscription * Cancel Anytime


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Tomoko Discovery

Software Designed to Preserve, Report, and Present Online Evidence

Unlike archiving only and image capture solutions, Tomoko Discovery combines both. It provides a case-centric workflow from search to the collection, production, and reporting in the native format while preserving critical metadata not possible through image capture or printouts alone. It makes it easy to share evidence captures and present them live in the courtroom. Tomoko Discovery saves investigators time with our TK Strong Rapid Reporting features and enables reactive data collection capabilities for the Clear, Dark, Deep, and Decentralized Web such as IFPS. In addition, it will let you capture admissible cryptocurrency asset transactions on 99% of all blockchain.

Tomoko Discovery Features

Karhrman's Tomoko Discovery brings the best features of online evidence preservation to customers in one single product.

  • Capture Evidence ---- Collect Metadata, Source Code, and Other Items

  • Advanced Report Builder --- Create reports in minutes.

  • Authenticate and Preserve Court Admissible Files ---- Seal with a SHA 256-bit Secure Cryptographic Hash Algorithm & Timestamps using a certified Strathum-1 atomic clock

  • Authenticated Desktop Screen Recording ---- Record court admissible video of evidence displayed on desktops with our screen video recorder.

  • Authenticated Webcam Recording ---- Webcam recording of court admissible evidence from seizing, crime scenes, interviews, and more.

  • Flexible Multi-Capture Feature ---- Choose the type of capture (None, Web, Full Scroll, Visible Screen Only) and/or Video Recording (None, Webcam, Desktop, Desktop + Webcam) desired. Select any Web capture + Video capture combination of options.

  • Full Scroll Recording ---- Used to capture lengthy website pages such as a Facebook Timeline or evidence that continues below the fold of a website page.

  • Desktop Recording ---- Record what is presented on the desktop.

  • Cloud Storage ---- Stores all of your digital information is easy to use cloud storage for later use

  • Local Possession of Evidence ---- Directly exports all digital evidence to your desktop instead of the cloud.

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