Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Investigation Online Course

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We Do more than just Crypto Investigations

  • Consulting & Case Expert Services

    We're a full-service consulting firm that provides cryptocurrency and blockchain expertise to individuals, businesses, or government agencies. Our services include asset protection & recovery; cyber-attacks; criminal cases--we have the knowledge you need!

  • Online Courses & On-Site Training

    We offer comprehensive online courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain investigations. Do you need training at our agency or office in person? We can create a custom program to teach your team anywhere around the world!

  • Investigation Support

    Have you been investigating any cases involving Cryptocurrency? Need help with your criminal or civil matters relating to this new technology? We can assist both sides - investigations included! Hire or partner with us on criminal and civil cases involving crypto assets today.

Online Courses

You can expect to spend 25 - 40 hours completing our online courses.

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Online Investigation Courses

Get a head start on your competition and order our Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Investigator Courses today. Our course will teach you everything needed to become a cryptocurrency investigator, including how it all works with blockchain technology! - Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

  • Acceptance of all International Learners

  • 24 Month Full Access to the Course, Tracks and all other Features

  • Learn from the best people who investigate cryptocurrencies.

  • Access to Advanced Materials after Course Completion

  • Monthly Update of Course Materials

  • Listed on the DHS / CISA / NICCS Training Catalog

  • U.S. NICE Framework

  • Monthly Live Webinar

  • Graduation Certification

  • Certificate Validation by Akademie Karhrman

Keep Learning

Become the Leading Digital Currency Investigative Expert.

  • Learn cutting-edge techniques, get the best training in cryptocurrency and digital currency investigations.

  • Position yourself as an industry expert.

  • Get the best investigation training in digital currency, cryptocurrency, wallets, the blockchain, mining, visualization systems, and more.

U.K. Detective - Review

Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, UK.

Without a doubt, I made the correct choice. The course delivery is excellent, and it was evident from the outset that Karhrman has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the subject material. The course is delivered using a combination of text and high-quality videos, followed by a test to check student knowledge. I found this course delivery method very helpful, and I think it would suit different learning styles.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this excellent course to anybody working in law enforcement or in private industry wishing to increase their understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain investigation. I have already found it useful in my professional career and it also means I can now hold my own when having conversations in my personal life about this growing "industry".

Alex  - Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, UK.

U.S. NICE / Cyber Framework

The materials within this course focus on the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) identified within the Specialty Areas listed below..

  • All-Source Analysis

  • Cyber Investigation

  • Cyber Operations

  • Cybersecurity Management

  • Digital Forensics


This Cryptocurrency Asset Investigation Certification (CAIC) is listed in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) Training Catalog.
DHS - Department of Homeland Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Academy Karhrman, The Ultimate Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Educational Suite for Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, and Private Sector Practitioners.

  • I am from Japan, not a US citizen. Can I still take the course and be given this certification?

    Yes, we accept and welcome international learners from around the globe. All of our learners will receive the same certification after taking the course.

  • I live in South Africa, not a US citizen. Can I still take the course and be given this certification?

    You can sign up for this course, no matter where you live. All of our learners will receive the same certification after taking the course.

  • Is it Beginner Friendly? Yes, We Make It Beginner Friendly.

    We have a cryptocurrency and blockchain investigation course that fits all skill levels. Regardless if you're an experienced Cryptocurrency Investigator or have never used Cryptocurrency before, we have a track for you. If you get stuck on your assignments or just need a little support, we are always here to help you.

  • Do you use Proven Methods? Yes, We Use Proven Methods.

    With most online cryptocurrency investigation courses, the knowledge you pick up will be forgotten after a few days. We have developed a practical, step-by-step teaching method, using lectures, quizzes, assignments, and walkthroughs that will make sure you actually internalize everything you learn.

  • Can I handle a cryptocurrency investigation after the course? Yes, We Prepare You for Real World.

    Our goal is not to make you remember a thousand different formulas, it's to make you ready for the real world of cryptocurrency and blockchain investigations. That's why we focus on practical, real-case applications. When you are finished, you will know how terrorists can use NFTs for fundraising, why the blockchain-driven web is the next dark web, and how criminals conduct money laundering using cryptocurrencies.

  • Can I access the course anytime? Yes, We Give You 24/7 On-Demand Access.

    Study anywhere, any time, on any device using our website. You have 24/7 online access to the course material and you can study whenever you have time.

  • Do I get a Certification? Yes, you will receive a World-Class Certification.

    Akademie Karhrman provides world-class certificates to all students that successfully graduate. After you finish a course and pass all the quizzes and assignments you will be issued a certificate that you can use to advance your career. The certificate can be validated by Akademie Karhrman.

  • Is there an examination at the end of the course to get the certification?

    Yes, there is an online examination at the end of the course.

  • What is the passing grade, and how many times can I attempt the examination?

    The passing grade is 80%, and you have an unlimited number of attempts.